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By paying your staff on-demand, you can improve their financial wellbeing and your business performance

50 %

lower staff turnover

13 %

less absenteeism

62 %

more shifts filled

Level empowers workers to instantly access, save and budget from their earned wages

On-Demand Pay

Workers can access their pay as they earn it. Giving them more control over their money, bringing income in line with spending and eliminating their use of short-term debt.

Payroll Savings

Staff can save directly from their paycheck into a high-interest bank account. By making a saving habit much easier to build, the average user saves £100 more a month than they did before.

Income-Based Budgeting

Combining payroll and banking data allows workers to see exactly how much they have left to spend, minus bills, before their next payday.

Today, financial wellbeing is more important than ever

To help employers with the labour shortage

Standout to job seekers and current employees alike. 57% of workers would prefer on-demand pay to extra paid holiday as a benefit.

To help employees with the cost-of-living crisis

Half of UK adults couldn’t pay an unexpected bill. Level’s flat fee is 99% cheaper than taking out short-term credit and is debt free.

All without impacting cashflow
or changing your payroll system!

Our awesome clients say it all

Find out what Level has helped employers achieve. For their business and their staff.

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